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We live in an age in which a Facebook video of your wedding ceremony could go viral before you slurp down your first oyster at your cocktail hour.  A thoughtfully crafted ceremony can turn your social media legacy from run-of-the-mill amateur to legendary superstar and have your guests singing your praises for years to come.  Scrap the cookie cutter ceremonies and standard vows and allow me to turn your memories, feelings, and hopes for the future into the words that will act as the foundation on which your marriage will be built. 


Write Weddings was born after working with countless wedding couples and discovering that nine times out of ten, just mentioning the phrase "write your own vows" produced a look of sheer terror.  So most couples opted for the old "repeat after me" standard vows which are lovely, but not particularly personal.  I found that the apprehension holding couples back from writing their own vows was not fear of public speaking, but of how on earth to begin to weave their deepest feelings into a concise composition resembling wedding vows.  That's where I come in.


We all have our talents - while I cannot find my way out of a paper bag or cook a grilled cheese without burning it, I can write.  I have been in the wedding business since 2003, and was appointed as a Justice of the Peace in Massachusetts in 2014.  Since then, I have written over 200 wedding ceremonies.  I now specialize in writing personal vows and customized wedding ceremonies.

Jill Meyer, Justice of the Peace


Justice of the Peace Cape Cod Chatham MA, Cape Cod Wedding

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